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Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors with Limited Mobility


Daily exercise is crucial to maintaining a healthy weight and reducing the risk of certain diseases. As we age, however, our ability to perform physical activities tends to diminish. Factors like poor mobility or the presence of chronic diseases can all make daily exercise a challenge. In addition to personal care, in-home caregivers can assist seniors with appropriate exercises like low-impact workouts.

As a trusted home care agency in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, we will share a few low-impact exercises that are ideal for seniors with limited mobility:

  • Cycling

    Cycling is a cardio activity that gives the legs a good workout. This low-impact workout is also good for burning calories and since it is a non-weight bearing activity, it can take the pressure off the joints to lower the risk of injury.

  • Water Aerobics

    As the name suggests, water aerobics is a water-based, low-impact workout that makes it a great option for seniors with mobility issues. Water aerobics gets the heart pumping and allows seniors to lose weight while staying cool in water and socializing with other people their age.

  • Yoga

    Yoga is a mind-body exercise that builds strength and improves balance. The gentle stretches involved in yoga are effective for managing back pain or arthritis. What’s more, yoga is also an excellent way to relieve stress.

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