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Helping a Loved One Transition to Assisted Living?


As our elderly transition to assisted living, they will need ample time to adjust. It is not comfortable having someone interfere in your daily living routine. Most of the seniors that are generally healthy feel like they don’t need personal care assistance.

However, with different circumstances, family members will decide to hire home care services. Assisted living for seniors is essential, even if they don’t need too much help at all. Our companionship in Pennsylvania is available for your elderly loved ones who are in good health condition. This type of care is helpful to them for companionship and light routine assistance.

As a home care agency in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, we believe that it is essential to continue to help your loved ones in their transition. Here are easy tips for you:

  • encourage their caregiver to aid them in continuing their routines
  • stay in touch even if you are away and someone is there to care for them on your behalf
  • they appreciate it if you send them something special to keep them cheerful and motivated
  • take time to visit- gifts and calls are nothing by the effort of taking the weekend break and visiting them
  • make sure to keep everything familiar (you can arrange with your care providers to aid your loved ones if they want to go somewhere)

Del Community Home Care Agency, LLC is ready to help you. The individuals we cater are senior citizens and persons with intellectual disabilities. The programs and services that we create are in their best interest.

Discover more about the details on how we can help you. We provide training programs and other career services. Should you need our further assistance, call us.

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